Tim Dittman atop what we may call Pico Burrito, the little peak above Playa Burro

Tim (Dittman) and I (the other Tim) made good use of the arid and rocky mountains throughout the peninsula to keep our mountain legs in shape, trail-running and engaging in desert-jungle-cactus mountaineering/thrashing. Most endeavors were worthwhile.

Ridges were clear for running, access was often the thornier issue


Trail/scrub runs/thrashing became a regular occurrence. This (above) was the quick and dirty jaunt up what we can call “Pico del Coyote”, a 3rd class scramble and ankle-busting, myriad cactus lashing endeavor directly above the beach, which afforded the right time-frame for dads/partners.

Not much to look at (the block or the pink baggies), but it climbs well, once cleaned

We also embarked on a bit of community service, cleaning up some of the boulders and opening up some bouldering potential. This was an area that perplexed me a bit – the rock is friable, but it is there and, with some love and cleaning, provided some worthwhile routes. Not a destination by any means, but for those of us that are vertically inclined, provides enough of a challenge provide some interesting bouldering. And you’re bouldering on a beach, so how much better does it get than that? I’d borrow a ladder, bring my daughter’s pelican broom and our tire iron and go to work cleaning routes most days. We made some progress.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 9.47.56 PM.png
Again, it’s actually more interesting than it looks – and named in the classic, literal fashion