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A Jungle Adventure

By Celia Hare Temple IV rises 200 feet high above the tropical rainforest floor. I was on top feeling like a bird in the sky. My family and I took a road trip to the Petén, the northern most part... Continue Reading →

A Scamp Year+

Scamp is the Marie Kondo of the trailer world. It's the stripped down, less is more, function is form kind of mobile living. Its simple brilliance can never be missed as the flash of red and white zips past on... Continue Reading →

Back to school in Kathmandu

Celia and Mason have been enrolled in the Tashi Waldorf School for the past three weeks, spending 9-3 each day immersed in a pre-k group of Nepali students. While not always the most enthusiastic at the drop off, they settle... Continue Reading →

Bouddhanath – flags, kora and pigeons

Otras imagenes de la Playa Coyote


Broken hitches and sunroofs

South from Gonzaga the Carretera 5 turns to dirt, with a long-standing public works to pave it still in progress. It finally took it's toll on our ill-equipped hitch. We pulled into Guerrero Negro with the Scamp held by one remaining... Continue Reading →

Cataviña – through cactus and boulders

Camp II - A slice of Joshua Tree National Park in the middle of the Baja desert, but without any of the infrastructure or crowds. Beautiful place to stop on our way south, exploring the arid botany and bouldering.  

First Southern Light

Camp I - San Luis Gonzaga. About 2 hours south of San Felipe and just before the eastern road turns to dirt. Hare clan to the left, Dittman clan to the right. The essential palapa in the middle, for wind and sun. Learning... Continue Reading →

The Crossing – Baja expedition

South - the direction of the summer sun, the direction of the cold-season migration. South from Boulder just as the year turns over and the political season turns over even more. Baja bound. Baja California. Such an unimaginative name that feeds such rich... Continue Reading →

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