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Hongos Patagónicos

As aspiring amateur mycophiles, our relationship with fungus is admittedly narrow. We eat them, we try to identify them, we marvel at them, and we deeply respect and revere them as medicine for the mind and body. Yet our knowledge... Continue Reading →

Sourdough NOW!

Patiently, methodically, stretching and folding the dough, feeling the texture in my fingers, sticking to my cuticles. It feels right, a bit shaggy and damp, but reasonably formed. Fermented in the pantry for 12 hours, then on the hanging rack... Continue Reading →

Patagonia: between banks

Shannon first introduced me to the adage that "a river flows between banks" many years ago. She was describing the need for a clear container in transformational education experiences. But the adage extends beyond the watershed of education and into... Continue Reading →

Village Shopping

Village shopping is a delightfully inefficient practice rendered obsolete by grocery stores. Shopping in the old world sense, or perhaps even the way shopping can still happen in parts of New York or San Francisco. It is just called shopping,... Continue Reading →

A Jungle Adventure

By Celia Hare Temple IV rises 200 feet high above the tropical rainforest floor. I was on top feeling like a bird in the sky. My family and I took a road trip to the Petén, the northern most part... Continue Reading →

A Scamp Year+

Scamp is the Marie Kondo of the trailer world. It's the stripped down, less is more, function is form kind of mobile living. Its simple brilliance can never be missed as the flash of red and white zips past on... Continue Reading →

Back to school in Kathmandu

Celia and Mason have been enrolled in the Tashi Waldorf School for the past three weeks, spending 9-3 each day immersed in a pre-k group of Nepali students. While not always the most enthusiastic at the drop off, they settle... Continue Reading →

Bouddhanath – flags, kora and pigeons

Otras imagenes de la Playa Coyote


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