Travel –¬†wings, distance, spontaneity, creativity, passion

Family – roots, home, community, service, love

We hope this site will bring our family to a closer reconciliation of these two elemental poles of existence, that which carries us away and that which keeps us connected. We started with a spell of family travels from January through May, 2017, leaving our much-loved home, mountains, and community in Boulder, CO to sink our collective toes and fingers in the soil of Latin America and Asia; Here you’ll find yarns from Baja California, Mexico, the sacred landscapes of Nepal, the tropical climes of SE Asia. El Bolson, Argentina absorbed us for the austral summer and autumn of 2019. Each summer has us land-nurturing in Colorado while working on a ’72 Airstream renovation projects in the Boulder foothills. We’re working on spinning a bit more yarn from our US road-tripping reflections during the pandemic, more Baja time in 2020/21, and some current threads from Guatemala, where we’re hunkered on Lago Atitlan..

Bueno – “Good” in Spanish

Ramro – “Good” in Nepali

We’re grateful¬†that you’re joining us!

The Hares: Shannon, Tim, Celia and Mason