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Playa Coyote -Beach Images

We didn't have much of a plan or a destination when we embarked with the Dittmans. Our only idea was to check out Playa Coyote, where some friends were based working for the National Outdoor Leadership School. Being familiar with... Continue Reading →

Moon, tide, whale shark

I know a place where no planes go HEY! Us kids know The Arcade Fire’s plea ballad may have been written for Playa Coyote (except that cars and ships do go), nestled in Bahia Concepcion. The moon’s full belly tears... Continue Reading →

Trail Running and Bouldering Baja

Tim (Dittman) and I (the other Tim) made good use of the arid and rocky mountains throughout the peninsula to keep our mountain legs in shape, trail-running and engaging in desert-jungle-cactus mountaineering/thrashing. Most endeavors were worthwhile. Trail/scrub runs/thrashing became a... Continue Reading →

The Crossing – Baja expedition

South - the direction of the summer sun, the direction of the cold-season migration. South from Boulder just as the year turns over and the political season turns over even more. Baja bound. Baja California. Such an unimaginative name that feeds such rich... Continue Reading →

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