14 hours of driving done right – supermama Shannon made sure the kiddos have books and games. One of the best ideas – pre-reading books and loading them to the iPod for them to flip through with headphones.


Yuma, Arizona. Rain and rainbows in the desert, near lettuce fields which, apparently, is a thing at the mouth of the Colorado River. A short detour to Martinez Lake, attempting to find a camping spot near the border had us turn right around and spend the night in Yuma. Not trying to give bad reviews to something that seems to resonate with other folks, but the lake was a strange mix of rv parks, dune buggies, and a Coen-brothers-wackiness that left us scratching our heads. We stayed at the Radisson in town.


The intrepid Dittman clan’s Casita trailer heading to the border crossing in Calexico/Mexicali. Sure beats Tijuana or Juarez for ease of crossings.