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The Bike and the Dream

THE DREAM Vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Kathmandu operate as a libertarian’s smog-smothered, hazy utopian dream - humans operating in perfect harmony, collectively (with beautiful mix of chemicals circulating in the air once factories and cars are unrestrained and unleashed... Continue Reading →

Back to school in Kathmandu

Celia and Mason have been enrolled in the Tashi Waldorf School for the past three weeks, spending 9-3 each day immersed in a pre-k group of Nepali students. While not always the most enthusiastic at the drop off, they settle... Continue Reading →

Bouddhanath – flags, kora and pigeons

Swayambhunath – the monkey temple

In the quotidian bustle of this increasingly congested and sprawling valley, the sacred is never too far away. Swayambu is one of three main temple complexes, along with Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath. Swayambu is perhaps the most dynamic, with layers of... Continue Reading →

A child’s take on Bhaktapur

Journey to the East, via the West

Friday, the 27th of January, 2017. Will it be remembered in 50 years? Did something historic just happen? Or was it just a terribly misguided mistake made by a terribly misguided group of white men which will be forgotten as... Continue Reading →

Otras imagenes de la Playa Coyote


The border, history, broken hitch and women’s march

Moving north from the land of the Cochimi in central Baja; to the Apache in southern Arizona; Navajo and Hopi in the Four Corners and newly created Bear's Ears, and over to old Comanche lands in southern Colorado before finally... Continue Reading →

Playa Coyote -Beach Images

We didn't have much of a plan or a destination when we embarked with the Dittmans. Our only idea was to check out Playa Coyote, where some friends were based working for the National Outdoor Leadership School. Being familiar with... Continue Reading →

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